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The core network is centred around Telehouse, London Docklands, widely seen as one of the most sophisticated telecommunication centres in Europe. From here we extend our network reach across redundant and resilient links to the US, Europe and the rest of the world. We are 'carrier independent' and have multiple high-speed transit arrangements in place with best of breed carriers such as Level 3, Metromedia (Abovenet) and PacketXchange. Our independence means that clients will not be affected by upstream network failures and traffic is able take the most direct route.


The Telehouse facility is monitored 24 x 7 by uniformed security guards in addition to time lapse video recording. Proximity cards control access and log movement throughout the facility.

Power is provided via 3 separate redundant connections to the National Grid and passes through redundant UPS systems to guarantee clean continuous power, the UPS systems can run the facility for 7 days independently of any external power source. Large diesel power generators are on site to guarantee indefinite power in the event of complete power failure. Redundant n+1 hardware enables maintenance and repairs without interruption. All power back-up systems are individually maintained and checked on a routine basis.


Backbone connectivity is provided through multiple high speed (1000Mbps+) transit connections to multiple providers ensuring resilience in the event of a transit failure and the fastest route in respect of traffic destined for the US, Europe or Asia. Since 1995 it has been Pro-net policy to run under 50% of capacity this means that clients will not be subject to any slowdown at peak times.

Within the UK we have we have multiple carrier agreements and private interconnects in place, working closely with companies such as British Telecom, Kingston Communications, Bulldog Communications, Independent Networks and Energis. We are able to build bespoke resilient networks across the UK sourcing tail (last mile) circuits from multiple providers.


We have strategic private and public peering agreements in place with other ISPs, ASPs, and XSPs; the Internet is essentially a network of networks, strong peering grants traffic generated from our clients the most direct route whilst travelling across a peers network, current peers include companies such as Granada Media and Abovenet (Metromedia). In turn we guarantee the same services to the clients of companies we peer with meaning traffic from other networks can access the Pro-Net backbone at speeds of over 1000Mbps.


Down to the transit and peering arrangements we have in place there is no real limit to the Internet bandwidth our customers can access. As well as Pro-Net clients having fewer hops to get to their destination this also means there is no cap on long term network capacity. Pro-Net customers can burst to whatever data rates are required to handle traffic at full speed.


At each point in the network, there are at least two devices that can maintain the system fully should a unit malfunction this allows us to keep systems running with no loss in performance in the event of any hardware failure anywhere in the network.


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