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The business of almost every organisation depends on reliable site to site communications for data as well as voice. Many organisations also have a requirement to automate transactions with their customers and trading partners, which also demands the establishment of secure and reliable connectivity.

Pro-Net provides a wide choice of connectivity options, many of which are based on our high capacity national network. As such, we are able to provide cost effective and reliable point to point connectivity, internet access and LAN to LAN links as well as voice access.

Many of our customers are looking for the flexible and future proof connectivity that an IP VPN can provide others are looking for the cost efficiencies of broadband to connect remote workers, branch offices and trading partners. We are able to provide both IP VPN and ADSL services over the UK's most extensive networks, providing you with the choice you need to select the solution that suits you best.

Our network integration capability, our relationships with key vendors and our support and managed services enable us to build our connectivity services into a complete end to end network solution.


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