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Pro-Net's corporate MPLS network allows clients to run company e-mail, access files stored on a central corporate server; run business-wide applications, and set up links with key suppliers, partners and customers.

We offer a wide choice of access speeds from 2MB to 10GBps so that clients can match the traffic needs of each location accurately.

Pro-Net's MPLS network acts as the ultimate scalable private corporate network offering flexible billing, management and provisioning. As one of the oldest ISPs in the UK we are well positioned to provide cost effective, scalable, secure and resilient private networks of any size.


Our focus on futureproofing the network means we are one of a few providers to be able to offer secure VPNs combining any method of access technology. Pro-Net VPN services can be provided in conjunction with 'Bandwidth on Demand', 'Managed Ethernet', 'SDSL' ,'ADSL' and 'Dial up' modem accounts.


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