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20 October 2009

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'The amount of effort put in by Pro-Net shows that they really understand the word service in Internet Service Provider.'

Tom Hamilton

British Telecom


Control Zone is a fully hosted network control service, providing centralised network management with advanced granular configuration capabilities, down to per internal IP address level.

Control Zone requires no hardware, software, or configuration changes on user machines, and removes the requirement for your business to have individual or combined hardware/software solutions for firewalling, web content filtering, intrusion detection, VPN, and remote access.

This means huge cost savings and more efficient IT management, especially when multiple sites are taken into consideration.

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Pro-Net provides communications solutions to mission critical business customers throughout the United Kingdom and Europe. In an industry punctuated by inexperience Pro-Net can draw upon a knowledge base established over more than a decade in the delivery of Data, Telecoms and Internet Services.

With Pro-Net you get more than excellent products and services and a leading-edge network, you get a privately owned company established in 1995. We only offer business critical, high performance solutions including broadband access, leased lines, dial-up connectivity, co-location, secure data backup and hosting.

Promoting excellencePromoting excellence

We have built one of the most stable and technically advanced industry leading networks in the UK whilst staying true to customers and our initial business model;

Now in our tenth year, this philosophy has stood us proud as we still have over 90% of the customers who joined us in 1995. Pro-Net will continue to focus it's efforts on building leading edge solutions that offer reliability and security as standard.

In this fast changing world, businesses are more reliant on the changing pace of communications. So if you are looking for a different kind of service provider, at the forefront of the industry, where real people answer the phone and good service matters, then you have found the right company to partner with.

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