Case Studies

FX CorporationFX Corporation
FX Corporation primarily required a solution that would protect their servers handling currency transactions with an intrusion detection system, and provide failover capabilities in the event of servers going down. Servers from two data centers were connected to Control Zone, which took care of these requirements.

Four office networks were also brought into Control Zone, bringing all network configuration into one interface. This resulted in twelve items of Cisco hardware being made redundant and provided a consolidated and more efficient IT management system. Because networks in Control Zone automatically become part of a VPN, FX's existing site specific VPN and remote access configurations were no longer required.

EL AL AirlinesEL AL Airlines
El Al's premium King David Lounge at London Heathrow Airport offers free Wi-Fi internet access to passengers, which must be password protected to prevent unauthorised use by non-passengers.

The original solution relied on Cisco PIX firewall hardware on site which dealt with authentication, and this could sometimes fail, requiring difficult to arrange on-site air side visits to rectify problems. Pro-Net created a custom Control Zone solution for El Al based around our existing hot desking system, bringing configuration and management into our own network.

Passengers connecting to the wireless network come into Control Zone and are presented with an El Al branded web page where a password must be entered to gain internet access. The possibility of on-site visits being required has now been greatly reduced and would only be needed in the unlikely event of an ADSL router failure.

Several hard-wired desktop PCs have also been added to the lounge which are part of Control Zone.

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