Control Zone is a fully hosted network control service, providing centralised network management with advanced granular configuration capabilities, down to per internal IP address level. Businesses of any size can connect all of their remote internal networks together into one virtualised private network that can be managed through a simple to use and intuitive interface.

Control Zone requires no hardware, software, or configuration changes on user machines, and removes the requirement for your business to have individual or combined hardware/software solutions for firewalling, web content filtering, intrusion detection, VPN, and remote access. This means huge cost savings and more efficient IT management, especially when multiple sites are taken into consideration.

100% private IP addressing on each site router prevents unwanted internet traffic (worms, portscans etc) hitting your network and wasting bandwidth on your ADSL/Leased lines. In addition to saving bandwidth, this setup also adds a very significant layer of security to your network.

Significant amounts of money lost through lack of productivity can also be saved by utilising our advanced user control features, as our lost productivity calculator demonstrates.

Each Control Zone customers' setup is segregated from other customers, and fully self contained.

Control Zone is the future of the WAN, by one of the oldest ISPs in Europe.

How It Works

Using Control Zone for your business is a straightforward process, from the initial order and setup, through to active usage. Because there is no other service available like Control Zone, we are providing a step by step guide to demonstrate how a typical company would go about connecting three offices into Control Zone over ADSL. It is also possible to connect with other methods, such as leased lines.
  1. Placing the order - Please provide us with the name/description of each office, along with the internal address range in use at each and telephone number for the ADSL lines. Example:

    • Head Office - Head Office Reading - - 0118111111
    • Sales Office - Sales Office London - - 02071111111
    • Call Centre - Call Centre Maidstone - - 01622111111

  2. ADSL connection - If you aren't currently using Pro Net as your ISP, we will need to get your ADSL connected to our network. If an office has no ADSL connectivity, a new connection will be setup. If an office is using another ISP for ADSL, we will migrate you to Pro Net which can take up to 5 working days to complete.

  3. Login details - We provide you with a username and password to enter into each office ADSL router, and login details for the admin interface - your offices are now fully connected to Control Zone!

  4. Configuration - Log in to the Control Zone admin interface and add the internal IPs for each device on your network, either manually, or by triggering an automated ping scan to detect active IPs. Your IPs can now have network/web access control rules, and other Control Zone features applied to them.

Example Control Zone Diagram - Click to enlarge
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