Control Zone - Fully Hosted Network Control

Your Challenges

  • Spending too much time running multiple Internet facing systems?
  • Do you carry the burden of rolling out new services to multiple sites?
  • Are you spending too much on outsourcing?
  • Do you run multiple boxes for VPNs, Firewalls, User Control, IDS etc?
  • Is your IT department stretched for resources?
  • Are you fed up of waiting for others to do things for you?

We can ease all these issues and provide you with significant financial, technical and productivity based benefits.

Control Zone is a fully hosted, comprehensive, network management/security solution, created by one of the oldest ISPs in Europe.


  • Centralised management of entire network
  • No hardware/software installation required
  • Enterprise class features and core network
  • Quick and simple implementation
  • Immediate ROI
  • Reduced infrastructure/costs
  • Internet usage restrictions - increased employee productivity
  • No need to outsource or hire consultants
  • No more support or change request costs

By moving the burden of running multiple network infrastructure related systems from your own sites, to a hosted environment, you will make significant financial savings while significantly reducing your own infrastructure complexity. Previous network capabilities and functionality will not be lost, and it is highly likely that new capabilities will be added to your network by using Control Zone.

Pro-Net Control Zone provides a centralised management portal for each customer. This portal brings together the management of many Internet facing technologies such as VPNs, IDS, User control, Content Filtering, Firewalling, NAT, and Remote Access, without the need for you to purchase any boxes or software.

Inter-site network management is also handled through the same portal, giving you complete control of who can do what on your internal company network. Traditional inter-site VPN and IPSec solutions allow unrestricted communication between sites, increasing risk if one site is compromised by an attacker. Control Zone firewalls each site in your network, allowing you to fine tune access controls.

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