Self Rule

Our web "Self Rule" system gives you the option of allocating a minute based web usage quota to employees that resets on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. They are then free to use this time at will by requesting access when required through an automated form in their browser. Self Rule settings can be configured on a per IP basis, or groups containing settings can be setup which IPs can be made members of.

Self Rule Advanced

Users with "Self Rule Advanced" enabled are able to create temporary openings in the firewall to allow access to any TCP/UDP ports from their IP address for a variable amount of time, up to the maximum amount specified in the global configuration. After this time has elapsed, the rules are automatically removed. Load can be taken off the administrators by granting this privilege to users who regularly request temporary access to services for a limited period of time.


Self Rule Request
Self Rule Request - Click to enlarge
Self Rule Advanced Request
Self Rule Advanced Request - Click to enlarge
Self Rule Setup Per IP
Self Rule Setup Per IP - Click to enlarge
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