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Domain Registration

Pro-Net are full members of the OpenSRS domain name registration system. We can register domain names for many top level domains.

Please read the following guidelines before moving onto the ordering page.

Registering you own unique Domain name will allow you to personalise both your e-mail and World Wide Web address. This will remove all reference to the service provider you are using, for example, if you have a company called ABC Ltd. and you currently have an e-mail address in the format, and a www address,, this would become, e-mail: www:

Domain names can only be issued once, you do not need to have an Internet account to register your name, and can use it when you get access.

There are some general points to note when choosing a domain name for an organisation.

  • Domains are usually allocated within one day, however it can take longer depending on the number of requests received.
  • Domain names should reflect the name of the organisation requesting the domain, for example, if you have a company called Pro-Net then it is right to request
  • No one or two letter domains (ie.
  • Human beings often have to write domain-names, as well as adding these to letterheads etc. Therefore the shortest unambiguous name that identifies your trading entity should be selected.
  • Any offensive names will be rejected.
  • Names should start with an alphabetic character and may include any alphanumeric character or hyphens.
  • Names will be allocated on a first come first allocated basis.

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