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Virtual Servers

Virtual servers are ideal for people who require the power and freedom of a dedicated server, but do not require the very high CPU/RAM specifications they can go up to. We can provide virtual servers in custom configurations, but our default virtual server options range from 256 - 1024MB RAM, 10 - 80GB storage, and 50 - 600GB data transfer.

Every virtual server comes with root level access, giving you the freedom to configure it as you wish. If you require assistance in installing or configuring any particular application on your virtual server, such as Web/Email/Database services, our support team will be able to assist you.

Linux Virtual Servers

Our Linux Virtual Servers have no set up fees, and are charged on a monthly basis. After selecting the specification required, you will have the option of choosing CentOS 5.4 or Debian Lenny 5.0 for your Virtual Server. cPanel can also be selected for an additional monthly cost.

RAM256 MB512 MB768 MB1024 MB
Storage10 GB30 GB50 GB80 GB
Transfer50 GB75 GB300 GB600 GB
IP Addresses1248
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Windows Virtual Servers

If you require Windows on your Virtual Server, please contact us.

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