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Web Hosting

Pro-Net use state of the art servers for hosting client pages. All our servers are rigorously load tested before being put into a live environment.

Our hosting packages are judged to be amongst the best in the business, on the Internet speed is king, if your web pages, applications or transactions take a long time to perform you may be losing customers.

Fast, reliable web based services need state of the art systems and connectivity to perform at their best. This is why all our hosting services have direct diverse connections to the global backbone and all our servers are rigoursly load tested, balanced and backed up throughout the day.

Key features for all hosting clients include:

  • Unlimited amount of static IP addresses (subject to RIPE justification).
  • Quick turnaround from order to Installation.
  • Direct pre-wired redundant ethernet connections to Pro-Net backbone.
  • Bandwidth upgrades within 24 hours (control available at URL level).
  • Transparent pricing based on space and usage.
  • Direct 100MB connection to MonsterBackup servers.
  • Multiple UPS systems for continuous clean power.
  • Fire detection and suppression systems.
  • Backup power generator in event of complete power failure.

Shared Hosting

A low cost entry point for hosting websites or running e-commerce systems is our shared server option. Clients share resources such as processors, hard drives and Interconnects to the backbone. It is important to point out that we never oversubscribe individual servers always running at under 50% of capacity.

All shared hosting packages offer FTP services, sophisticated database functionality and unlimited forwarding. The servers themselves are backed up daily and load balanced for resilliance.

  • BSD UNIX platform for maximum stability.
  • PHP, Perl and CGI Scripting support.
  • MySql database support.
  • Apache Stronghold secure servers.
  • Monthly site usage reports.


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