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Links to weather services

Met Office on-line, use hg for user name and password
, the Internet's premier source of weather links. With over 200 sites listed and new links added every day, WeatherNet is the most comprehensive and up-to-date onramp to the world of weather data. We at WeatherNet plan to add numerous enhancements ...
--- [565] http://cirrus.sprl.umich.edu/wxnet/ (24K)

UK Weather Maps
UK Weather Map - Visible . JAY
--- [539] http://mphhpc.ph.man.ac.uk/~mbcstjy/weather-V.html (<1K)

Weather Information
This index is maintained on the Hiway server, but the referenced images and pictures are from elsewhere. . The basis of this page was produced by Julian Onions who when not flying works at Nexor to whom I thank for letting me borrow it, to ...
--- [539] http://www.hiway.co.uk/aviation/weather.html (6K)

The Weather: Satelite Images
This index is on the our server, but the satellite images come from other sites. . Other sources . UK Weather at UCL . Rob's Multimedia Lab . The USG Weather Maps in Michigan . University of Minnesota Gopher . WEATHER AND GLOBAL MONITORING ...
--- [530] http://www.cs.msu.su/satellite.html (2K)

Weather Information
This index is maintained on the NEXOR server, but the referenced images and pictures are from elsewhere. . Satellite Image . Weather and Satelite Images at Nottingham University . This is a selection of the images held by the University of ...
--- [529] http://web.nexor.co.uk/users/jpo/weather/weather.html (4K)

Current weather
Satellite images . Images provided by the University of Edinburgh Meteorology Dept. File sizes vary from 100K to 300K. . Weather forecast . Long range forecast . Generated by UK Meteorological Office, Bracknell, England. . Internet ...
--- [528] http://www.cru.uea.ac.uk/cru/weather/index.htm (<1K)

John Boyers weather satellite images.
About this page . My home page is designed to give easy access to a selection of recent weather pictures that I have received at home from various polar orbiting weather satellites. This comprises a weekly archive of weather pictures ...
--- [525] http://www.bbc.co.uk/john_wxpics/index.html (1K)

Astronomy Links
Bradford Telescope . Weather . A current infrared spectrum weather photograph of the UK. . A current visible spectrum weather photograph of the UK. . Other Lists . Find out about other observatories on the net from Southampton . ...
--- [524] http://www.eia.brad.ac.uk/rti/links.html (4K)

Links to Para and Hang gliding sites around the world

SkyWings on the Net

World First ParaGliding WWW Server-Big Air
Welcome to Big Air ParaGliding WWW Server . This WEB Server designed, implemented and maintained by: Kinsley Wong (c) 1994 . VoiceMail: (805) 756-5927 Email: kiwong@oboe.calpoly.edu . World Wide Latest ParaGliding Contest & ...
--- [770] http://www.housing.calpoly.edu/html/paragliding.html (6K)

Paramotor from USA

Jackson Hole Sites
Guides . CATEGORY: NTH-AMERICA COUNTRY: USA STATE|REGION|PROVINCE: WY SITE NAME: Snow King Mountain--Panorama House RATING: Paragliding Class 2, J.H. Paragliding Club Membership. WIND: N DESCRIPTION: 1680 ft. vertical ridge and thermal afternoon ...
--- [769] http://www.housing.calpoly.edu/html/para/jkhole.html (3K)

Big Air ParaGliding Galary
Big Air ParaGliding WEB Server http://www.housing.calpoly.edu/html/paragliding.html . Video Clips: Paragliding: Kinsley performs Big Ear Manuever (1.3MB-MPEG) . Photographs: .
--- [767] http://www.housing.calpoly.edu/html/para/galary.html (1K)

ParaGliding Newsgroup and Discussion Groups on the Internet
ParaGliding in the Northwest-USA . "nwpglide@jazzie.com" . To join the email list, send mail to "majordomo@jazzie.com", with any subject line, and a message containing this: . subscribe nwpglide . To get more info, send the following message ...
--- [766] http://www.housing.calpoly.edu/html/para/newsgrp.htm (<1K)

Big Air International ParaGliding Pilots Guest Book
Thank you for your visiting to Big Air ParaGliding Web Server. Please enter your Name and the requested information for the International ParaGliding Pilots Address Book . Thanks, . Kinsley Wong . Name: Email Address: Glider(s): Address: ...
--- [766] http://www.housing.calpoly.edu/html/para/paralog.html (1K)

Paragliding on The Outdoor Network
Paragliding . Manufacturer List: . ParaPower International: 21051 Oxnard Street #32, Woodland Hills, CA 91367 805 264 3249. email: parpowr@qnet.com . If you're in a Paragliding related business and would like to be part of this Network, ...
--- [765] http://www.netmedia.com/outdoor/paragliding/paralst.html (<1K)

The Wish List for the next generation ParaGlider - ParaGliding Equipments!!!
Please enter yours wishes or suggestions... to the ParaGlider Designers and Manufacturers! . Thanks, . Kinsley Wong . Name: . Big Air ParaGliding WEB Server http://www.housing.calpoly.edu/html/paragliding.html
--- [763] http://www.housing.calpoly.edu/html/para/wishform.html (<1K)

The ParaGliding Accidents Report Form
Please enter the accident information... . Thanks, . Kinsley Wong . Pilot: Glider: Location: Date & Time: What happened: . Big Air ParaGliding WEB Server http://www.housing.calpoly.edu/html/paragliding.html
--- [763] http://www.housing.calpoly.edu/html/para/incform.html (1K)

ParaGliding Current & Coming Events
Please enter the required information for the events list . Thanks, . Kinsley Wong . Event: Location: When: Contact Person(s): Contact Phone/Email: Additional Information: . Big Air ParaGliding WEB Server ...
--- [744] http://www.housing.calpoly.edu/html/para/eventform.html (1K)

San Luis Obispo Sites
San Luis Obispo - Central Coast California ParaGliding Sites . Please contact Ben Stephens (Vice Pres. for SLOSA) at (805) 772-3230 for more information. Notice: You must be a SLOSA USHGA member to fly at REGULATED Site. . Cayucos . Cuesta ...
--- [738] http://www.housing.calpoly.edu/html/para/slosites.html (2K)

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