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The first thing that attracts clients to Pro-Net is our knowledge of the market. With 18 years practical experience in communications and an expert eye on the potential of future technologies, we can instinctively advise clients on what is possible in the world of converged voice and data communication.

Our independence is highly valued, together with a realistic understanding of our clients' needs and budgets.

The support and maintenance of communications systems is the single most important reason why customers choose Pro-Net. Pro-Net is able to offer response times that simply cannot be matched by anyone in the Industry. We are as flexible on our levels of cover as the systems we implement and look after and it is our goal to have all our customers as reference sites.

From a standard 9 to 5 agreement to 24 hour cover 365 days a year we will have a contract to suit.

In addition, as a leading edge Eighteen year old ISP we able to offer an even higher level of service on business critical applications. This allows us to provide a proactive alarm monitoring service that will run automatic diagnostic routines and attempt to clear an alarm without human intervention.


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