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Pro-Net believe that the initial installation and configuration of any system is the first important step to a reliable solution. Top quality products can be purchased but if the configuration of these products is not carried out correctly then devices may fail to talk or even function. That is why Pro-Net installations are carried out to very exacting standards.

There is no secret to Pro-Nets success in the installation and configuration of converged solutions. Every installation is treated as an individual project and is based on agreements of acceptance criteria between Pro-Net and the customer. To ensure acceptance levels are adhered to, solutions will be thoroughly tested onsite and using Pro-Nets own interoperability laboratory. The equipment and software used are state of the art and only when acceptance and functionality levels have been achieved will the installation be deemed complete and formerly handed over to the customer. This removes any grey areas as to what forms part of the installation and what doesn't. When complete, the system will be covered by the Pro-Net support agreement.

Using our own engineers, who are kept up to date with the latest technologies and methods through our extensive training programmes, Pro-Net can install your communication System to the highest standards.

In addition, we have an attitude of "whatever it takes" and will never leave an installation until our customer is fully satisfied with our work.

We use only top quality components to ensure the highest reliability, recognizing that in today's business world your company's communications infrastructure is always on the critical path.

Once a new solution has been designed to fit with your needs, we work in close partnership with our clients to ensure that installation and testing goes smoothly, with as little disruption to the business as possible.

Making the right decisions now avoids costly adjustments and disruption in the future.

Interoperability Laboratory

Customers are always looking for the best products at the best price to ensure a decent return on investment. In theory this is achievable but even with the best products, problems can occur that give repeated headaches to the customer and ultimately reduce the targeted return on investment. Such problems can occur at any stage from design through to implementation and that is why Pro-Net have concentrated on and invested heavily in pre-staging facilities. In particular, Pro-Net's own Interoperability Lab allows our engineers to:

  • understand latest technologies and equipment
  • replicate faults without affecting our clients' live environments
  • test new customer applications

Having the ability to pre-stage activities throughout a project allows Pro-Net to dramatically reduce the install time of a network infrastructure. This has obvious affects for the customer as the quicker they can have access to revenue generating equipment the better.

The Interoperability Lab has further benefits when a customer is migrating with older legacy equipment. Compatibility issues are common in this scenario and if the majority of problems can be solved off-site, before implementation, then disruption will be kept to a minimum.

Ultimately, what Pro-Net are attempting to achieve is the best possible service for our customers. We recognise that we will only win repeat business if customer's requirements have been met and utilising the interoperability lab ensures that you will be one step closer to achieving your business needs.


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